Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update


The global response to the Coronavirus pandemic continues, and the UK remains in an extended state of lockdown until at least 11th May.

Our business operations have necessarily had to adapt to meet the challenges faced, and here we provide an overview of those changes to date, along with where you can find further information, if required.

Our Business Continuity Plan and available technology has ensured that our operations continue to run smoothly, delivering on our promises to clients and on our regulatory obligations.

Fund Management

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a significant effect on global stock markets.  Our investment team will continue to provide regular updates which are posted on our website in our Investment Diaries

Speaks 2018 cover


Further Considerations

The majority of our staff are working remotely, with full access to their usual systems and communications, maintaining the required social distancing policy. We also have a minimum number of key workers at our offices, managing our incoming post from clients and advisers.

We have taken the decision to stop making payments by cheque for the foreseeable future. This mitigates the risks for both our staff (in the cheque drawing process) and investors (who would need to attend a bank to cash the cheque). There are a number of alternatives available for investors, and we would urge anyone who has concerns with this to contact us to discuss all options.

We continue to closely monitor all guidance from relevant authorities and will continue to review and adapt our response as the situation continues to develop.

If you have any concerns or queries on the above, or on any of the detail to our approach to the Covid-19 pandemic, please do get in touch. Our team are available between 9am and 5.30pm on UK working days.